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Delbert-Arthur Unveils the Latest Collections from Garnier & Linker

Unveiling the latest collections from Garnier & Linker, Delbert-Arthur featured exquisite new lighting and furniture by the AD100 artists.

Guests were treated to a sensory experience with a traditional Korean tea bar and ceremony, immersing them in an elegant curation of fine flavors and aromatic blends. Ikebana displays, showcasing historical Japanese flower artistry, created a captivating juxtaposition between tradition and modernity.

A highlight of the event was the debut of the never-before-seen lost-wax cast glass sconces, Fovea and Itys, displayed in remarkable color-ways with techniques unique to the artists.


Florent Linker from the duo was on hand to answer questions and share the story behind their designs, including the new Kitayama long table and 6-door wall hanging sideboard. Kitayama, a Japanese cedar harvested from a forest in northern Kyoto, matures over two to three decades, with meticulous pruning to produce a knot-free trunk. Beneath its bark lies a naturally textured surface, a testament to centuries of traditional use in tea houses and ryokans. The Kitayama collection, crafted to order and signed by the artist, preserves this dying art in a truly unique piece of furniture.

Korean Tea Ceremony

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